Britten, Benjamin :
BRITTEN, B.: Ceremony of Carols (A) Hymn to St. Cecilia Missa brevis Rejoice in the Lamb (King's College Choir, Cambridge)

Verfasser / Komponist: Britten, Benjamin
Gruppe: King's College Choir, Cambridge
beteiligte Personen: Britten, Benjamin 1913-1976
Interpreten: Anderson, Christopher, Sopran -- Auden, Wystan Hugh, Dichter/Text -- Bible - Old Testament, Dichter/Text -- Bowman, James, Alt -- Britten, Benjamin, Komponist -- Brown, Julian, Sopran -- Channing, Simon, Sopran -- Clarke, James, Sopran -- Corkhill, David, Schlagwerk -- Cornysh (II), William, Dichter/Text -- Creed, Marcus, Bass -- Cross, Richard, Sopran -- Ellis, Osian, Harfe -- Godlee, Julian, Sopran -- Hare, Ian, Orgel -- King's College Choir, Cambridge, Chor -- Lancelot, James, Orgel -- Ledger, Philip -- Mass Text, Dichter/Text -- Morton, Richard, Tenor -- Phillips, Rory, Sopran -- Sackville, Anthony, Sopran -- Smart, Christopher, Dichter/Text -- Southwell, Robert, Dichter/Text -- Wedderburn, James, Dichter/Text -- Wedderburn, John, Dichter/Text -- Wedderburn, Robert, Dichter/Text -- Willcocks, David
Medientyp: Audio
veröffentlicht: Warner Classics - Parlophone, 111124
enthält: Hymn to St. Cecilia, Op. 27: I. In a Garden Shady; II. I Cannot Grow; III. O Ear Whose Creatures Cannot Wish to Fall / Britten, Benjamin A Ceremony of Carols, Op. 28: Procession; Wolcum yole!; There is no rose; That yonge child; Balulalow; ... / Britten, Benjamin Missa brevis, Op. 63: Kyrie; Gloria; Sanctus; Benedictus; Agnus Dei; ... / Britten, Benjamin Festival Te Deum, Op. 32 / Britten, Benjamin Rejoice in the Lamb, Op. 30: Rejoice in God, o ye Tongues; For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry; For the Mouse is a creature; For the flowers are great blessing; For I am under the same accusation; ... / Britten, Benjamin Te Deum in C Major / Britten, Benjamin Jubilate Deo / Britten, Benjamin
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