American Anthem

beteiligte Personen: Barber, Samuel 1910-1981  • Bolcom, William * 1938  • Copland, Aaron 1900-1990  • Gorney, Jay +  • Hoiby, Lee 1926-2011  • Ives, Charles 1874-1954  • Musto, John  • Niles, John Jacob 1892-1980  • Rorem, Ned * 1923  • Scheer, Gene * 1958
Interpreten: Agee, James, Dichter/Text -- Barber, Samuel, Komponist -- Blake, William, Dichter/Text -- Bolcom, William, Komponist -- Copland, Aaron, Komponist -- Goodman, Paul, Dichter/Text -- Gorney, Jay, Komponist -- Gunn, Nathan, Bariton -- Harburg, Edgar Yip, Dichter/Text -- Hillyer, Robert, Dichter/Text -- Hoiby, Lee, Komponist -- Horn, Charles Edward, Dichter/Text -- Ives, Charles, Komponist -- Lindsay, Vachel, Dichter/Text -- Lowry, Robert, Dichter/Text -- Millay, Edna St. Vincent, Dichter/Text -- Morris, George Pope, Dichter/Text -- Murphy, Kevin, Klavier -- Musto, John, Komponist -- Niles, John Jacob, Komponist -- Prokosch, Frederic, Dichter/Text -- Rorem, Ned, Komponist -- Scheer, Gene, Komponist -- Twichell Ives, Harmony, Dichter/Text -- Weinstein, Arnold, Dichter/Text
Medientyp: Audio
veröffentlicht: Warner Classics - Parlophone, 130507
enthält: Shenandoah (arr. L. Musiker) Americana: Brother, can you spare a dime? Early in the Morning The Lordly Hudson At Howard Hawk's House (arr. L. Musiker) Holding Each Other (arr. L. Musiker) The Lass from the Low Countree Recuerdo: No. 2. Recuerdo 4 Songs, Op. 13 (text by J. Agee and F. Prokosch): No. 4. Nocturne: De los alamos vengo, madre; No. 3. Sure on this shining night Cabaret Songs: No. 1. Over the Piano; No. 2. Fur (Murray the Furrier); No. 5. Song of Black Max Slugging a Vampire 2 Little Flowers (text by C. Ives, H. Twichell Ives) General William Booth Enters into Heaven 2 Songs of Innocence I Wonder as I Wander (arr. L.H. Horton) Old American Songs II Old American Songs I Lean Away (arr. A. Thomas) American Anthem (arr. L. Musiker)
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