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Gerard, C. (, [1977]). Jazz riffs for treble instruments.New York ; London ; Sydney ; Cologne: : Amsco Publications.
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Gerard, Charley:
Jazz riffs for treble instruments / by Charley Gerard. — New York ; London ; Sydney ; Cologne : : Amsco Publications, , [1977]. — 1 Partitur (47 Seiten).
(The riff series)
Zusatz zum Haupttitel auf dem Umschlag: "for flute, saxophone, trumpet and other treble instruments : if you want to play the sounds you hear on records, this book shows you how riffs and patterns in the styles of Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Jeremy Steig and others : a catalog of ideas and a perfect sourcebook for developing your own style".
ISBN 0-8256-2175-5, 0-7119-1158-4
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Gerard, Charley. Jazz Riffs for Treble Instruments.New York ; London ; Sydney ; Cologne: : Amsco Publications, , [1977].
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